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Contact Information
Contact Person: Paul Rosenberg
Phone: 0421444899
78 Draper Street, McKinnon, Victoria, Australia 3204

Party Higher are the ONLY Silent Disco 4 Kids specialists in the world. Our children’s parties are designed for Children 5 – 12, boys or girls. We will transform your lounge room, garage, garden or hired hall into a rocking disco. Kids will walk away saying “That was the best birthday party ever!”

A Silent Disco doesn’t use any traditional speaker systems, but rather provides each child with special light up wireless headphones. Each child can control their own music volume, making it totally safe and kid friendly. Our professionally trained party facilitators will have the children engaged for the whole event with interactive games, activities, dancing, quizzes and even a light up Limbo Stick.

All you will have to do is take pictures, laugh, sing and even join in. It will be the most peaceful birthday party you will have ever had.